Site specific Valentine’s..

Goodmorning Valentines!!

How did you spend the world’s most commercial holiday..? Well, I have to admit that i’m not the kind that embraces the traditional Valentine’s day, but it’s a day that brings out mixed and different emotions for each of us.


I spent it with Nikos and Donatello and we’ve been to Onassis cultural centre and Candy Chang’s installation School of the Future, the first of her three site-specific installations in Athens.

The classroom reinterpreted without teachers, books or pupils. Visitors find themselves in a space with a school desk at one end surrounded by thousands of big, red balloons. They are invited to write down a lesson life has taught them in a notebook on the desk. In so doing, the visitors become teachers and students at one and the same time: by taking part in a school of collective experience in which the shared encyclopaedia of knowledge consists of the lessons of their individual lives, they can teach but they can also learn.






After all the fun we sat down and shared our thoughts in the collective notebook answering it’s 2 questions :

  • What do you think is important to teach our children?
  • What do you wish you learned while you were in school?

What do you think..?


Inside Onassis cultural centre..


Celebrating Valentine’s..



Missing Florence and my International Hairdresser..

photos © chrysoula papagianni

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