Elections’ night!

After voting tonight, people in Europe are cooking their favorite traditional meals and share their dishes online! I hope we all voted for the best! Happy elections’ night!

“Elections Night 2014:
Follow European Elections Night on 25 May here! All results, quotes, photos, atmosphere and reactions from all EU. Voters are on Facebook and they are cooking

Don’t know what to cook on elections night? For those who still haven’t done their grocery shopping for this evening, may we suggest a Bulgarian salad or a Lithuanian soup? These proved to be the most popular dishes in our “A Taste of Europe” app for Facebook. Our “I’m a Voter” app also proved a big hit with our Facebook fans. 

The applications encouraged nearly 1.5 million friends of the EP on Facebook to get involved with the elections, using cooking and a competition.

Using the “I’m a Voter” app, people could contact their Facebook friends in an unusual way: choosing a balloon from the gallery, attaching a personal vote message and sending it flying though Google maps.  Almost 10,000 balloons have been sent, with the longest chain reaching 261,404 kilometres, involving 22 participants.


Shopska salad

“A Taste of Europe” app contains everything you need to organise a special dinner on elections night. It offers a toolkit to entertain guests and discover authentic European recipes, share them and post pictures of them on Instagram with the hashtag #TasteofEurope. The most popular dish is Bulgarian shopska salad with 19,123 votes.”


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