Tuscany part 6 : Badia a Passignano – Montefioralle..


Hi everyone! A few days ago with Thekli, Giorgos, Robert and Nikos we visited a small part of Chianti’s countryside!

We left the car 5km from Badia a Passignano and walked through the wonderful tuscan landscape, amazing hills full of vineyards and houses at the top of the hills that make you feel like you are living a dream.








The Badia a Passignano is located on the road running from Greve in Chianti through Montefioralle towards San Donato and Sambuca, and in fact was probably built there because of the importance of this route in mediaeval times.

Badia a Passignano was founded in 1049 as a consequence of the Vallombrosan monastic reforms and consists of a more or less square fortified monastic complex with corner towers. Towards the middle of the 15 C, the Abbey was augmented by the addition of cloisters and a wall. The vineyards surrounding the Badia a Passignano were bought by Antinori, one of the big names in Chianti Classico wine production, in 1987 and Antinori have leased the Abbey cellars for use in aging their wines. La Bottega and L’Osteria are an Antinori wine outlet and restaurant respectively and are located very near the gate of the Badia a Passignano.  It is possible to visit Badia a Passignano at 3 pm on the last Sunday of the month if a monk is available to act as guide. (source)





The village of Montefioralle is probably one of the most ancient in Chianti and is still today enclosed within its original walls. These were initially two circuits but houses now fill the space between the original structures. The walls were octagonal in outline, with four gates, modifications of which still exist. During the Middle Ages it was one of the largest military and administrative centres of the area. The first notice of the settlement is from 1085. It belonged to the families Ricasoli, Benci, Gherardini and Vespucci. In 1325 it was sacked by Castruccio Castracani. (source)




photos © chrysoula papagianni

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