I think by now you have figured my addiction to Instagram and the various hashtags.. Well when i’m posting a picture from Florence #tldif is a hashtag I always use which stands for Te la do io Firenze (or I’ll bring you Florence).  Te la do io Firenze is a community, or better, a detailed guide of Florence. In their site such as in their Facebook page you can find everything about the city, restaurants, exhibitions, concerts, generally all kind of different places and hidden parts of Florence!

Yesterday my friend Elisabetta sent me a link with a photo of mine that they posted from Instagram. And guess what? The photo has more than 1.300 likes by now!  For example the same photo I posted some days ago on my Instagram account has almost 40 likes, and that shows all the impact when a page like Te la do io Firenze publishes it. I mean it’s a really strange but definitely satisfying that still makes me wonder. What exactly? Sincerely I don’t know, sometimes I ask myself if my photos are good enough and other times I just hate them! Anyway searching through the facebook page of Te la do io Firenze I found 3 other photos of mine that they published in the past! Overall 4 of my photos with 200-400-600-1.200 likes! Thank you Te la do io Firenze for picking my photos and special thanks to all the people that appreciated them!





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