Unusual Florence part 1: Boutique Nadine!

Good morning and have a nice week everyone!

I finally decided to start the #unusualflorence tour. What is Unusual Florence? A different map of Florence including the most important landmarks of the city and 16 spaces of different uses (boutiques, bars, libraries) but with a lot in common. Young people full of inspiring ideas hoping to beat the crisis by focusing on quality above all! Many of these places are of course familiar, others are yet to be discovered. So one by one we are going to discover all of these “unusual” places.

If you ask me this map has to be integrated with every tourist map of Florence. Why? Because all of these places are situated in the most genuine parts of the city, and as you stroll around this map right there you’ll discover Florence, the real thing!


Of course I have to begin this journey from number 6, a breath away from Ponte Vecchio, Irene’s Boutique Nadine. Actually there are two of them in Florence, Irene’s other half (on number 7) is run by Matteo, a few steps away from Santa Croce church and we are going to visit him very soon!

Crossing Lungarno Acciaiuoli from Ponte Vecchio towards Ponte Santa Trìnita at number 22r is where it all began! A vintage concept store where you can find from silk shirts and designer handbags, to old toys, and magazines, an enchanting place that fulfills all your desires! Everything in this shop is carefully selected which adds to it’s classy character. Of course there is a great focus on vintage but there are also new collections such as their own clothing line Second Floor, Irene’s romantic Odette, and more from new local designers both in clothing and jewellery.















And if you’re lucky you can have this view while exiting the store!


photos © chrysoula papagianni

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