Souvenirs from Venice..


At this day, exactly one year ago, I was at Venice with Chiara, Sara, Niccolò and Nikos for the Biennale of Architecture!

There are no words to describe this city, I think we all have an image in mind, but every time I visit Venice I discover something new!  I just love getting lost in the same alleys and find myself to the same channel or bridge again and again.. However, what fascinates me most is that this city is the same as it was five hundred years ago! The transportation is on foot or by boat, which adds to the romantic character of the city.

When you visit the Venice Biennale the fact is that you do not have much time to see the city, just in the afternoon on the way back completely tired but always with an appetite for a Spritz! Spritz is definitely my favorite beverage and in Venice you have to try it with Select instead of Aperol or Campari. There are two late-night (ok, not that late!) drinking areas in Venice, the one is Campo Santa Margherita and the other one is Erbaria close to Rialto bridge.

Soooo prepare to get lost at Venice and have a Spritz for me! Have a nice weekend everyone!













photos © chrysoula papagianni

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  1. Happy belated birthday Urbanzip!! | urbanzip

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