Rainbow and fireworks..

Hi everyone!

Yesterday, as every year on June 24th, Florence celebrated the feast of its patron, San Giovanni, with a series of exhibitions that involve the entire city. Unfortunately it was raining and some of the events were cancelled. Around 9 pm the rain stopped so the most spectacular event (at least for me!), the Fireworks of St John’s took place. Unfortunately this year i missed this beautiful show but i had the chance to witness an amazing rainbow on my way home! Below some photos of the unique rainbow and some of the fireworks from the past years..



On the morning of June 24th, a Historic Parade starts from Piazza Signoria and continues towards the Baptistery of the Cathedral with an offering of candles for the patron. After the parade, a solemn mass follows with the exposure of the Saint’s relics. In the afternoon, it’s time for one of the most popular events linked to the Feast of San Giovanni is the Calcio Storico Fiorentino,  which is held in Piazza Santa Croce. After that in the evening, there is a traditional fireworks display in Piazzale Michelangelo called Fuochi di San Giovanni (St John’s fireworks), which draws a huge crowd, especially concentrated on the Lungarni (Arno river promenades). The fireworks normally begin at 10 pm, and of course you have to arrive a little bit earlier to find a nice spot from which to enjoy the show! Some of the best spots are at Ponte Santa Trinità, Ponte alla Carraia, Piazza Poggi and of course if you are lucky to have a balcony (or a friend with one) looking towards the river that’s always the best spot!






photos © chrysoula papagianni

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  1. beautiful 🙂


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