Entropya comes from the greek ἐν τροπή (inside the transformation), and it’s a synonymous of the measurement of the present disorder in a physical system.

That’s how is called the jewellery designed by the studio AmniosyA!

timthumb (1)


The collection comes from a dynamic fluid simulation, in this simulation a planar surface it’s altered from the energy generated by the the physical system, up to the achievement of an harmonic-formal shape. Let’s fall a drop of ink in a glass of water and it will begin to spread in an apparently random state.

Photography: Duilio Gradanti
Photography Assistant : Yazmin Pivaral
Make-up: Gabriela Burca

It’s been a while that i wanted to pass by their studio and learn more about this project.. So today I went to see Elvira, Lucia and Marco and finally got a chance to try the amazing necklace and bracelet!







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