Vincent Van Gogh

I guess that you must have realized my intense love in Art. Hence, I have recently read a book that I bought last summer in a Book Exhibition. It is a book about the so well-known and of course unforgettable painter Vincent Van Gogh.

“To express the love of two lovers by a marriage of two complementary colors, their mingling and their opposition, the mysterious vibrations of kindred tones. To express the thought of a brow by the radiance of a light tone against a sombre background. To express hope by some stars…”


Starry night (1889)

These are the first lines of the book that without a second thought show Van Gogh’s perception of painting and his use of bold colors that characterize most of his eminent works.

Vincent Van Gogh was born on March 30, 1853 in Holland. Being a highly emotional and low confident man, after two incomplete romances and many unsuccessful job choices, he finally decided to become an artist.

The potato eaters (1885)

The potato eaters (1885)

One of his most famous paintings is ” The Potato Eaters” (1885) that was accomplished during his stay in Belgium. When he moved to Paris in 1886 to live with his brother Theo Van Gogh, he had the chance to meet Pissarro, Monet and Gauguin who inevitably inspired him to use more intense colors. Vincent Van Gogh, then decided to go to Arles where his friend Gauguin joined him, too. But, due to Van Gogh’s intense tamperament and the different perception of drawing that both of them had, this cohabitation turned out to be disastrous and in 1888 when Gauguin had to leave Arles, Van Gaugh ended up cutting a portion of his own ear lobe off. After this incident, Van Gogh was sent to the asylum in Saint-Remy for treatment. In May of 1890, feeling much better, Van Gogh goes to live in Auvers-sur-Oise near his doctor Dr. Gachet. However, on July 27, Van Gogh decided to give an end to his life by shooting himself and died on July 28 near to his brother Theo who hastened to visit him.

self portrait

Self-portrait (1887)

Vincent Van Gogh’s finest works were produced in less than two years. His technique was characterized as symbolic with an obvious use of bold colors.

The chair 1888

The chair (1888)

I hope that someday I will have the opportunity to visit one of Van Gogh’s exhibitions but till then I would like to share with you something that Vincent Van Gogh had written to his brother Theo, in one of the so many letters that they used to exchange ” Do you know what I think of quite often? What I was saying to you before…that if I wouldn’t succeed, I nevertheless believed that my work will be continued. Not directly. Differently, maybe because I’m not the only one who believes in things that are true…”

sunflowers 1889

Sunflowers (1889)

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