Forgotten accounts..

How was our life before all this social media and online communities?

At first there was Hi5 and Msn, then Facebook, Twitter, Skype, Trekearth, Flickr, Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr, Foursquare etc.. At least those are the ones i’m subscribed!

And are we really using ALL of them..?? Personally i have all these accounts and lately i’m using two maximum three! And when i remember a media that i don’t follow that often, i understand that i’ve really lost track of what is happening there.. So how does it work? I already spend a lot of time in front of my computer, what happens if i’m using ALL of that stuff..?

Where are all these coming from..? Some days ago i remembered my twitter account! And while i was looking what’s new there i found Nikos Aliagas new page on Flickr (love his photos, already following him on instagram)!

And that’s how i remembered MY Flickr page, which i never used as i should be and i don’t even remember WHEN and WHY i created it.. And then i added some photos at my photostream.. And a new set! And you can check them if you want..!







My Athens..




Soooo…. Which social media are you using the most and which is your favorite??


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