Rainy Friday…

Hi everyone!

Today it’s raining both in Florence and Athens.. But today’s storm was the biggest since 1961 in Attica!

Roads remained closed, overflowed streams and areas were plunged into darkness.
Meteorologists refer to a phenomenal storm. In fact, the rain was so strong that in many areas the rainfall reached 75 mm. Overall, dropped 95 tons of water per acre, with official data so far.




image (1)

Picture of the house that collapsed in Agios Panteleimon due to the sudden thunderstorm.


Of course some people haven’t lost their sense of humor..



Here is a video taken early in the morning :


Below you can see the images of the rescue of a woman trapped in car in Halandri.

As reported in Reuters, “the woman” stuck “in the mud and was trapped inside the car. Transit bystanders immediately rushed to help her and pulled her unconscious from the car.”



A 24 year old woman lost her life. The unlucky girl trapped in her car at the intersection of Maroussi and Halandri when the rushing waters halted the vehicle. When people rushed to get her out she was still alive. But she died a few minutes later before reaching the hospital..

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  1. Tremendous (and terrifying) report. Well done!


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